17th/18th JUNE 2000

A Two Day Competition For Pairs with Overnight Campsite at a

 Location is 3½-4 Hrs Drive from Glasgow/Edinburgh & 1½ Hrs from Inverness!




The exact location of the event will NOT be divulged to any competitor until 36 hours before the event.  From 18.00hrs on Thursday 15th June there will be two ways to obtain brief details of the location:


·        Those with Internet access should look on web site, where details will remain until after the event.

·        If you are still living in the technological Dark Ages, please telephone Lowe Alpine on UK 01539 740840 (7 lines) between 18.00hrs on Thursday 15th June -> 08.00hrs on Friday 16th June to hear a brief recorded message.  This message will be removed at 08.00hrs on Friday 16th June and no further assistance can then be provided.  Please do not jam Lowe Alpine’s switchboard during normal business hours on Friday 16th June with questions about the event – they will not be able to assist you.


To avoid too much pressure on the two facilities described above, we would recommend that where you have friends competing in a few other teams, you should all appoint one representative who will obtain the location and then disseminate it to the other teams.  If you expect to be en route to the area or on holiday in Scotland before the Thursday evening, it may be best to arrange to telephone a friend who has retrieved the information you require – we will not be able to assist you with any more clues.  We suggest that where possible you plan the Friday so that you are able to arrive at the Event Centre NOT LATER than midnight (if travelling by car, this means passing Glasgow or Edinburgh by 20.30hrs.



A SPECIAL WELCOME TO FOREIGN COMPETITORS  A number of teams are making the journey from European countries to take part in the event.  We are delighted that Christian Aebersold & Jan Beguin, Elite winners in 1999 of the premier European MM's, the Swiss Mammut and French Raide Francitale, have accepted our invitation to compete in Scotland.



LIFTS FROM GLASGOW AIRPORT  Many of you will be passing Glasgow Airport en route to the venue.  If you would be prepared to collect a pair from the airport and return them on Sunday this would be much appreciated and could help defray transport costs for all concerned.



TAKING THE COACH FROM INVERNESS OR GLASGOW TO THE LAMM  If you have already notified us of your wish to join a coach for transport from Inverness Airport or Glasgow Bus Station/Airport on the Friday afternoon/evening, your name should now be listed on the LAMM web site and we will be providing full details by 13th June.  It is not too late to take up this offer, but please return the Coach Booking form (sent out with the entry form or accessible on the web site) to us as soon as possible.  Coach ‘managers’ will try to ensure that connections are kept with late-running trains, coaches and flights, so long as we are made aware that people are arriving on them.


If you live in the Glasgow area and in return for FREE TRANSPORT would be prepared to ‘manage’ a coach, please contact MARTIN STONE as shown below within the next week.



ACCOMMODATION BOOKED through us is listed on the LAMM web site where your names should appear.  From 18:00 on Thursday 15th June, the address and telephone number of your accommodation will also be displayed there.  A sketch map showing the location of all accommodation will be available at the registration information desk and those without Internet access can also find the address where they are staying.  



ARRIVING ON FRIDAY:  Yellow LAMM signs will direct you to the parking area.  The car park will not open until 14.00, so it will not be possible to park your car until then.  Wherever possible please share transport with another team, as parking space is especially limited this year.  Parking will be within 700M of the camping field where the Event Centre is located and those who arrive earliest will park furthest away.  There will be no car key deposit so please keep your keys with you.  We cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage, should an unfortunate incident occur.  Do not arrive at the parking area after midnight, as it will be closed to avoid disruption to local people and other competitors.  If you cannot make this closing time, you should camp en route and see the note below for those arriving on Saturday morning.



ARRIVING ON SATURDAY MORNING:  We think that you will enjoy the event more if you are able to arrive on Friday.  However, if this is not possible, the parking area will be open from 06.00 – 09.30 on Saturday morning and if necessary we will  generate a new start time for you then.  





We have been offered a large field in a marvellous position to use for the Event Centre and camping with parking nearby.  Two marquees will be used for registration, sale of food/drink, tees/sweats and storage of kit while you are away on the hills.  We are having a water supply piped into the field and will, as is usual at these events, provide rudimentary slit trench latrines for your convenience. You have the option to leave a ‘base camp’ tent erected throughout the weekend at the Event Centre containing spare kit.  If you like the venue, you may also camp there on Sunday evening and use the opportunity to chill out after the event.


WILFS OUTDOOR CATERING who attend orienteering events and mountain marathons all around the UK will be present to provide a variety of food for purchase on Friday evening from about 16.00.  This will include Soup, Pizza, Chilli in a bowl, baked potatoes, pasta bowl, a number of cakes and the usual brews.  On Saturday morning, cereal and bacon rolls will be on the menu.  A free meal is provided to each competitor on Sunday at the end of the event.



RESTAURANT:  For those who prefer a few more creature comforts or who wish to escape the midges, a restaurant is sited within 1KM of the camping area.  It will be taking orders until 22.00 and serves very fine food including a number of filling dishes that are ideal fuel before a hard weekend.       



REGISTRATION will take place in one of the marquees from 17.00 – 22.00 and from 22.45 – 00.30 on Friday night.  KNOW YOUR TEAM NUMBER WHEN YOU COME TO REGISTER.  All teams arriving on Friday, must register on Friday.  Teams arriving on Saturday morning may register from 06.00 – 09.00 on Saturday morning.



CALLING ALL DOCTORS:  We realise that it would be nice to get away from the ‘day job’, however it would reassure us to be able to identify a few doctors at the mid-camp who could liaise with members of the mountain rescue in case of emergency.  If you don’t mind the imposition, please make yourself known at registration.



CHANGE OF PARTNER OR COURSE:  Should it be necessary to make a change, please do NOT telephone us.  You can email, fax or write to us with this information until 12th June.  After this date, inform us of changes at registration.  If a team member has changed, report to the Information Desk before proceeding to registration.



MERCHANDISE:  Suitable-sized map bags, videos of Jura 1997, the handbook “Mountain Navigation For Runners” by Martin Bagness (at a special event price of £4).  Additional maps may also be purchased at the end of the event.



EVENT T & SWEAT SHIRTS:  This year we will offer an eye-catching design created by the graphics team at Lowe Alpine and printed onto indigo tee and sweat shirts.   The tees are priced at £10 and the sweats are £16.  They can be purchased during the weekend in the marquee and should these sell out, a mail order list will be compiled and items despatched by the end of July.


COMPASS POINT SHOP:  The mobile shop is a supplier of Lowe Alpine kit and will be present at the Event Centre to provide an opportunity for any urgent last minute purchases before the event and replacement of trashed gear afterwards.  If you are flying to Scotland and are unable to carry GAS CYLINDERS with you, contact the shop beforehand to ensure that enough cylinders of the right type are brought to the event:  Rick Houghton at or on 01253 795597.



RUCKSACK & BIKE STORAGE:  You have the option to leave a ‘base camp’ tent erected throughout the weekend at the Event Centre containing spare kit.  If this is not possible, one rucksack per person can be handed in at the smaller marquee on Saturday morning from 06.00.  You will be given a baggage label marked with your team number.  Please try to attach the number to the top of the rucksack so that when hundreds of items are stored in the marquee in team number order, labels can easily be checked when you come to collect on Sunday.  Bicycles may also be left in the baggage marquee.  The event centre will be manned at all times, but we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage in the unlikely event of an incident. 






HIND CALVING:  The event takes place during the hind calving period.  Should you discover a newly born calf that is apparently alone and in distress, please give it a wide berth and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES TOUCH IT.  On her return, the mother is likely to reject the calf after detecting human scent.



DAY 1 START:  If you are attempting the Elite or A courses, allow 40 minutes to reach the start, otherwise allow 20 minutes.  Day 1 start times are between 07.30 - 09.30.  At the start enter the taped area when your start time is displayed.  An official will note your team number as a safety check.  You are advised to use the small plastic bags provided at registration to protect the description sheet, which is not waterproof.  The description sheet will give a 6 figure grid reference for each checkpoint on your course, plus a written description and code to look for at the checkpoint.  The checkpoints must be visited in the order shown on the sheet.



CHECKPOINTS:  Each checkpoint will be marked with an orienteering-type orange and white nylon marker.  This will be sited at ground level, weighted down with rocks.  Always check the identification code letters on each marker to ensure that you have visited the correct one for your course (thereby avoiding disqualification).  Volunteers who will ask for your team number will man some checkpoints.  Any closing times will be marked against the relevant checkpoint description and you should not expect to find a checkpoint marker if you arrive after this time.



OVERNIGHT CAMP:  Please adhere to signs and protect the water source by washing downstream of the drinking water collection area.  No rubbish is to be discarded on the hills or at the mid-camp.  ALL rubbish MUST be carried out and taken back to the Event Centre with you on Sunday afternoon.  Spot checks will be made at the finish.  The mid-camp will be at an isolated location and unless you have suffered a broken limb or other severe injury there will be absolutely no chance of a lift back to the Event Centre.



DAY 2 START:  There will be a chasing start for the leading teams which will begin between 06.00 – 06.30, depending on the spread of fast times.  This will carry on until 06.50 and the majority of the teams will make a mass start at 07.00.  Day 2 start times will be displayed on the results board when a reasonable number of teams have completed Day 1.  Teams which retire or are disqualified on Day 1 may ONLY start Day 2 if they inform the relevant marshal from 06.00 otherwise it is assumed that they are non-starters.  Teams will start from a taped area close to the mid-camp.  Course description sheets will be issued in the taped area.  Chasing starters will receive description sheets as they start and the mass starters from 06.50.



DAY 2 FINISH – THE EVENT CENTRE:  Random kit checks will be made and rubbish generated during the weekend must be displayed.  A free meal will be served by Wilf's Outdoor Catering to all competitors.  The prize-giving will take place nearby at around 13.30.



PRIZES:  These will be vouchers that can be spent by at Field & Trek shops (or by mail order) on Lowe Alpine goods and will be awarded to the first 4 teams on each course, first mixed and first women's team in each class.  A handicap prize will be awarded to the first veteran’s team where the total age of the team is 80 or more on Saturday 17th June 2000.  The handicap is based on an allowance of 1 minute per hour of running time for every 2 years of age increment over 80 years.



DAY 2 COURSE CLOSING TIME:  All teams must be back by 16.00 on Sunday whether or not they have completed their course.



RETIREMENTS:  Teams must hand in their control cards if they are retiring, either at the mid-camp or at the Event Centre.  THIS IS THE GOLDEN RULE AND MUST BE ADHERED TO WITHOUT EXCEPTION.  Failure to follow this procedure will result in the Arrochar Mountain Rescue being forced to stay in the area on Sunday evening.  They have jobs to return to on Monday and will be extremely annoyed if you cause a false alarm.  Any competitor so doing will be blacklisted for all future events. Should you retire and return to the Event Centre during Saturday or early on Sunday, please place your control cards in the labelled box in the marquee, otherwise hand them in at the finish funnel.  It is the responsibility of competitors to make their own way back to the Event Centre and should you be unfortunate enough to retire at the mid-camp it is unlikely that we will be able to offer transport.



ACCIDENTS:  Use your whistle to summon assistance from other competitors.  Put the casualty in a sleeping bag or tent while someone, preferably two people, go for help.  Someone should stay with the casualty at all times, although if you cannot summon help you may have to leave them on their own.  Make a careful note of the grid reference, nearby features, time and nature of injuries.  Telephone the 24 hour emergency phone number shown on your Control Description sheet and ask for a suitable message to be passed to the Arrochar Mountain Rescue Team who will be present all weekend.


Adders are quite active at this time of year, however it is extremely unlikely that anyone will be bitten.  Should you be unlucky, it is not likely to be too serious.  Immediately wash the bite to remove venom on the surface, dispel any notion of continuing competitively and rest for about half an hour with the relevant limb elevated.  If you are not feeling too feverish or nauseous after this rest, proceed gently either to the mid-camp or to a road, whichever is the nearer.  Seek medical advice as soon as possible.  







LIFTS REQUIRED/OFFERED:  As in 1999, we will publish details of those offering lifts on our web site.  Last year we were able to solve a number of transport ‘crises’.  If you have a particular travel problem and have been unable to find a solution, we will do our best to help.  Contact us as shown below if you are either a donor or hopeful recipient.



LOOKING FOR A PARTNER?  The web site worked wonders for a few ‘desperate’ competitors last year.  At least 10 partnerships were forged through the site and some teams were very successful.  If you lose a partner or are looking for a partner, check the web site and contact us if you would like your name to be added to the on-line list.



CAN YOU HELP?:  We almost have enough helpers now.  However, if you are thinking of coming to the event but are not competing, and would be willing to work hard at parking, registration, marshalling competitors, the starts, finishes, and the mid-camp, please telephone us on the number below no later than 5th June.  We would prefer helpers who can commit to helping from Friday afternoon and for the whole weekend.



ADMINISTRATION ADDRESS:  For all correspondence, EMAIL:, FAX 01931 714107, write to Martin Stone, Lowe Alpine MM, Sleagill Head farm, SLEAGILL, PENRITH  CA10 3HD or in the last resort telephone 01931 714106