GLEN SHIEL 17th/18th June 2000



WILFS will be serving their usual delicious fayre in the large marquee, including a number of breakfast options.


FIVE SISTERS RESTUARANT is in Shiel Bridge on the A87 900M from the Event Centre and will be taking orders for meals until 22:00.  This is will be a welcome refuge for those who prefer a few more creature comforts and who wish to escape the midges.  It is licensed to sell alcohol and serves fine food including a number of filling dishes that are ideal fuel before a hard weekend.


WATER SUPPLY  is intended for drinking and must not be contaminated.  Please do not wash anything in the water tank and only dip clean pans and water bottles into the tank.


TOILETS The usual rudimentary toilets will be available at the Event Centre and midcamp fields.  These must be used for all solid deposits!


REGISTRATION will be closed between 22:00 and 22:45 for the marshals briefing.  At registration you will receive your Ecard, 2 small polybags for the Control Descriptions (which are not waterproof) and be reminded of your Saturday start time.  Another Information Desk will provide details of accommodation and allow you to register team changes.


MAPS will be handed out (2 per team) on your way to the start.  Maps are not waterproof so please ensure that you take a suitable map bag with you and in the event of bad weather we suggest that you save one map for use on the second day.


CHECKPOINT DESCRIPTIONS   The six figure grid references you will be given, represent the bottom left corner of a 100m square.  The exact location could be anywhere within the 100m square and the description should enable you to locate the checkpoint precisely.  Due to the steepness of the ground, some checkpoints will be described as being, for example,  'on the 540m map contour'.  This is to enable you to locate the precise point on the map and it may not always accurately reflect the height you are seeing on your wrist altimeter (should you be lucky enough to have one)!


WHILE COMPETING please remember not to touch any deer calves, even if they appear to be distressed as the mother will often reject them if human scent is detected.  A number of rivers in this area soon become uncrossable after prolonged rain or even a heavy shower.  If in doubt, move UPSTREAM, not DOWNSTREAM to cross and if moving downstream, ensure that if all else fails you can cross by a bridge.


HIGH FENCES MARKED ON THE MAP should under NO circumstances be climbed.


DOCTORS:  Please attach your ‘Barrier Tape Streamers’ to your tent so that we can locate you in an emergency.


EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMBER:  This is printed on the control descriptions and should only be used in  extremis.  Rescue facilities are only available to deal with potentially life-threatening situations.     


PRIZEGIVING  will take place earlier than 13:30 if enough teams have completed the event.


CAMPING IS AVAILABLE ON SUNDAY NIGHT   You are very welcome to camp at the Event Centre on Sunday night.  The Five Sisters Restuarant will welcome your custom.