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Arriving in Style

There are few races which would attract competitors from all over the country to such a remote spot, and the loyal followers of the LAMM will be driving northwards or flying into Glasgow and Inverness today (Friday) to pick up coaches organised by the event.

However, a few lucky pairs will have the chance to fly up and land much closer to the venue. Adrian Moir from Cardiff will be setting off in his own light aircraft and stopping to collect his partner, Katrin Thomas at Caernarfon, before flying on to Plockton, only a short drive from Glen Shiel.

Also, arriving there will be commercial pilot Eddie Speak, who has often competed in the past. This time he is helping out over the weekend, starting by flying 4 other competitors in.

If the weather is good they should all get a spectacular view of the area, and have the chance to guess where the courses will go and the overnight camp might be.

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