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Swiss pair have plane trouble

It all started when the Easyjet flight carrying the Swiss pair Christian Aebersold and Jan Beguin was 4 hours late arriving at Luton. They had just missed their flight to Inverness!

It was time for plan B. This was to take a taxi to Stanstead where an alternative flight was booked. The taxi got stuck in heavy traffic and they missed that plane too. Time for plan C.

Pilot Eddie Speak and Race Organiser Martin Stone confer on whether or not it is possible to collect the Swiss team at Edinburgh

After a call to race organiser Martin Stone they booked a Ryan Air flight to Edinburgh, now aiming to meet another pair who could help them get a train to Glasgow airport, where they could join the bus coming to the venue. A long journey, but it seemed the only way.

However, Martin had by now come up with plan D - he's good at plans is Martin. By this time pilot Eddie Speak had arrived at nearby Plockton in his Piper Aztec and taken a taxi to the venue. Little did he know Martin was waiting to ask him to go back to Edinburgh to collect the hapless Swiss pair.

He agreed and organised landing and refuelling, so at this moment Christian and Jan should be enjoying superb evening views of the highlands on a 45 minute flight to Plockton.

If airlines ran to time like the Swiss trains they would have had less hassle, but less excitement too. Hopefully they will not be too drained and can still give everyone here a run for their money tomorrow.

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