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competitors are starting to arrive in camp after a hard day on the hills

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Competitors are beginning to arrive in mid camp after their days adventure.

Its at this stage that many will be complaining about having brought too much, having had to carry it all day. Some may also be complaining about bringing too little....

The task in hand for competitors now is to try and get some rest and get some energy for another day of racing. Before all that though they have to pitch camp and cook themselves a meal. By then that sleeping bag will never have looked so inviting...


Once everyone has arrived in camp there is plenty of opportunity to talk about the day and before long compare times. From friendly rivalries between groups of friends, making up many little races within the whole competition, to the top elite contenders all will be tempted to be looking over their shoulders at their nearest competitor and looking ahead to those they have to catch. For those in the lead at the half way point, it could be an anxious night. Many though will be pleased just to finish the course and it is these competitors who embody the spirit of Mountain Marathon Racing.

Once everyone is safe in camp and results for the day have been calculated they will appear here very shortly, along with more pictures of the days action and some in depth reports of the day and the stories, both true and tall, that have come out of a days racing. Keep connected for the latest information!

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