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Just what do you need to pack?

Travelling on the coach from Inverness, we asked Andrew Sutton what he would take on the race. Andrew won the C course last year and is competing with Brian Layton.

Andrew Sutton, with his pack for the race


- Lowe Alpine Contour Event 35L - bought with vouchers from last year's win

Tent - Vango Zephyr plus - 1.95 Kg - a bit on the heavy side this one

Sleeping Bag - PHD Minimus - 545gms - one of the lightest available Plus 2 very thin bits of Karrimat

Footwear - Nike Air Terra Cairns - "most people will wear Walsh running shoes but they give me blisters" he explained

Wateproofs - Lowe Alpine Adrenalin smock and home made Pertex overtrousers - "thanks to my girlfriend's mum. Just there for the kit check- I never wear them."


Lowe Alpine Dryflo top
Ron Hill Tracksters "but will wear shorts unless is very cold or the midges are bad."
Coolmax Briefs
2 pairs of 1000 mile socks
Karrimor micro fleece top
Midge head net
Ron hill running gloves and Meraklon balaclava


Epigas micro stove
Silva Compass
Pot Noodles, Cup-a-soup, nuts & raisons, fruit loaf, Nutrigrain bars, mars bars jelly babies. Cereal and dried milk powder.
Spoon and drinking mug. One cooking pan for boiling water.
Platypus water pouch to fit into rucksack. (This has a tube and mouthpiece attachment)
Water bottle

Avocet altimeter/watch
Marker pens and large transparent plastic bag to use as a map case
Epigas micro stove and 100 gm gas cartridge

Small first aid kit - Compeed and Ibuprofen, midge repellent and sun screen depending on the weather.

Petzl micro head torch

"Altogether this weighs in at around 12 lbs after the equipment is divided between the 2 of us." concluded Andrew. The top elite runners will carry less and those newer to mountain marathons will take a lot more, so this is a fairly standard kit list.

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