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last minute preparations will be taking place right now

Ready for the off

Competitors are now preparing for the off with the first teams away at 7:30.

All thoughts are now on the day ahead as those away first scan the map they will have only just received to get a feel for the terrain before them.

The Swiss team of Christian Aebersold and Jan Beguin eventually managed to arrive in style last night after all their difficulties, touching down at Plockton in a private plane and arriving at the camp around 22:30 last night. (report and pictures to follow)


Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the coach from Glasgow, which had problems on the way and didn't arrive at the camp until 23:30. Lets hope those teams on that coach were still able to get enough sleep.

Conditions this morning are warm but wet, the promised weather front having raced up to make the start it seems. At least the tops of the hills are currently visible, removing one navigation headache for the teams, but the question is how long will they remain so?

We will be doing all we can to keep you up to date on what is happening on the hills, although a full picture may not emerge until the mid camp later. You can check out the course maps now though, you'll see we've got a cracker this year....

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