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those wanting to win will have to push it hard all the way

They're off!!

The race is now truly on to see who will be victorious in the LAMM 2000. After the chasing start for the leading contenders there was a mass start for the remaining contenders at 7am. While many personal battles will be fought out in the pack, all eyes are on the the leading runners. The chasing start, with competitors starting after each other with the time interval from Saturday, will ensure that the first across the line will be the winner. Hitting those checkpoints has never seemed so important...


There's no such thing as a sure victory in a Mountain Marathon and there is still all to play for on all the courses. In the elite class the defending champions are once more leading, but most surprising is the third and fourth place teams are made up of three quarters of the Adrenalin Rush winning Team Parrot. Surely they can't pull off such an incredible back to back victory?

Filmed by the BBC for Vets In Practice, Tom and Betty Leonard will once again be doing battle with the hills. Strongly placed in the D class they performed well yesterday, although at times you can't help feeling they would not have wanted the cameras watching, just in case they made a mistake!!

Once again you can follow all the action on the site. Reports and pictures will be posted as soon as possible and you can follow the courses on our map. There are sure to be plenty of stories to be told back at Shiel Bridge, as well as one or two people feeling the pain! Victorious teams are sure to be just feeling the elation!

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