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competitors powering uphill - didn't seem that steep on the map though....

The Race is well underway

Competitors are now strung out over the Glen Shiel hills.

Mountain Marathon tradition has once again been maintained as competitors decorate the hillsides in a "technicolour caterpillar", chasing each other over the course.

Those teams that left at 7:30 will have already been racing for over 4 hours now and must surely be starting to feel the effects of their exertions. At this stage, however, it is impossible to say who is placed where, as the staggered start would make it pure speculation. All will become clear at midcamp...


Elite and A class contenders will have a close up view of Loch Beag before the end of the day as they are ferried over it! These routes both take competitors into Knoydart and in order to reach the midcamp they are forced to cross over the Loch at its narrowest point. This should hopefully make for some interesting stories over the evening meal...

Conditions remain warm and drizzly and the tops are appearing and disappearing. Hopefully this should all burn up in the midday sun.

Don't forget to check out the map to keep track of the leading contenders and there will be some new pictures in the gallery very soon and some new reports! The big stories of the day will unfold at mid camp...

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