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The Connoisseurs Mountain Marathon

LAMM 2002

LAMM 2002

The 2002 Lowe Alpine Mountain marathon took place near to Brig O' Turk in the Trossachs with the Event Centre at Achray Farm. Elite and A competitors were running over Ben Venue and adjoining hills from outflow of Loch Katrine while some 640 competitors on the B, C, D an Novice courses enjoyed an early morning trip to the start at Stronachlachar on the steamship Sir Walter Scott. Weather conditions were without precedent. More rain at this time of year than for half a century which made the Event Centre, midcamp and conditions underfoot extremely wet.

Competitors awoke each morning to the sound of bagpipes courtesy of Niall Watson, one of our marshals. For those who are interested the tunes were - Saturday: Captain Norman Orr-Ewing, The Earl of Mansfield. Sunday: 10th Battalion the HLI Crossing the Rhine, Pipe Major Donald Maclean of Lewis.

Congratulations to all competitors for coping with the wettest LAMM in nine years. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of the event, especially after the Black Water flooded our original 5 hectare Event Centre site.

Overall Results | Day 1 Checkpoint Times | Day 2 Checkpoint Times

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We offer one prize per team and if a mixed, ladies or veterans team is in the top 4 places, the category prize drops to the next pair in the same category. There are no prizes on the novice course:

ELITE (from CP2 Day 1)
1 Mark Seddon/Mark Hartell 09:04:34   1 Julian Simpson/Alistair Buckley 10:18:54  
2 Nigel Bunn/Ifor Powell 09:04:44   2 Marc Laithwaite/Tony Smith 11:25:38  
3 Steve Birkinshaw/Morgan Donnelly 09:07:11   3 Tim Austin/Jon Boyle 11:47:37  
4 Simon Bourne/Alan Ward 09:18:34   4 Rigby Jerram/Paul Simpson 11:57:24  
9 Janice Mudge/Andy Spenceley 11:07:19 Mixed 10 Phil Pittson/Nick Lander 12:42:23 Vet Handicap
10 Liz Cowell/Jane Meeks 11:10:33 Ladies 15 Jane Grundy/Joe Faulkner 14:05:37 Mixed
12 Gary Tompsett/Ranulph Fiennes 11:12:32 Vet Handicap   No Ladies Team    
1 Jeremy Edwards/Roger Goddard 10:11:57   1 Karen Dalton/Rob Davison 09:01:45 1st Mixed
2 Bob Johnston/Charlie Stead 10:42:17   2 Hilary Bloor/Ruth Hambleton 09:28:37 1st Ladies
3 Andy Lewsley/Lewis Preston 10:44:52 1st Vet 3 Graham Watson/Simon Horton 09:37:26  
4 Mark Yearsley/Steven Wright 10:45:17   4 Sarah Boughton/Ian Nicol 09:41:00 2nd mixed
17 Rebecca Kendall/Per Sjogren 12:50:58 Mixed 18 Debbie Smit/Anthony Emmet 10:27:14 Mixed Prize
26 Fiona Dahl/Kate Charles 13:18:27 Ladies 29 Les Swinden/Geoff Causey 10:52:43 Vet Handicap
38 Chris Lates/Raymond Wren 13:47:26 Vet Handicap 31 Liz Horton/Lilian Wanless 10:58:47 Ladies Prize
1 Scott McKendrick/Thomas Begley 08:50:41   1 Lucy Hailey/Mal Fletcher 10:44:59  
2 David Egerton/Richard Tyson 09:28:54   2 Neil Orr/Robin Orr 11:07:31  
3 Neil Thomas/Alasdair Hind 09:29:01   3 James Hornby/Tobias Ling 11:59:14  
4 Lucy Makinson/Douglas Gurr 09:34:41   4 Paul Caldwell/Helen Austin 12:21:35  
8 Caroline Davidson/Philip Shipman 09:54:03 Mixed        
11 Dave Beautyman/Nick Lowe 08:37:28 Vet Handicap        
15 Stella Lewsley/Gill Hale 10:12:37 Ladies        

Route planning above Loch Duich

The clouds over mid camp

Racing together - the spirit of the event