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The Connoisseurs Mountain Marathon

Feedback 2009

Hi Martin
just to say a big thanks for organising the LAMM. The location was fantastic and the event was one of the best I've done (13th MM so far). My knee held up and we finished quite happily. I'm still on a high from the weekend and am planning to do it again next year!
All the best,

Norbert de Mello

Just wanted to say thanks for another great LAMM, especially the near perfect weather. And a big thank you to Sue and John (I hope I've got the names right) for their help!

Regards,Sue Rowlands

Hi Martin.
You may recall that amongst the many organising activities occurring at the over night camp in Glen Elchaig at this years LAMM by yourself and your team members you kindly retrieved and returned my mislaid Cag. I would like to thank you all again, as had it not been found and the weather had not been as kind as it turned out there may have been a strong possibility of walking out and missing Day2. With reference to this years LAMM especially the Score Class My son and I thoroughly enjoyed it, again in a superb part of the country. The weather we all enjoyed was a great bonus considering the earlier forecast and what other parts of the country were experiencing.

Many thanks.
Best Regards
Roger Robb

Hi Martin

This was my first LAMM and I just wanted to say thanks for a great event. It was a long drive to get there but completely worth it. The
terrain was breathtaking and its really fired my enthusiasm.

Thanks again

Austin Haffenden
Hi Guys
Tthanks for a great event, our first LAMM and second MM. Managed a 10th in the D class. Thanks againRussell
Senior Instructor Kushi Adventures

Fantastic event and so seamless. Wasn't until I saw the other courses that we realized the logistics you had in place for the other starts. Great area - such a change from bracken bashing. Big mountains, no midges and good weather.

Heard there was some rucksac leaving on the B (?) course - just had the rules for the Saunders and it does say both competitors and all equipment to visit each CP. But actually it doesn't really bother me - people will always find shortcuts if they try hard enough. I did also notice that despite each competitor having an SI, those of us bringing our own didn't have to have them attached by the tags to our wrists so I could have given mine to my partner should I have wished. These are all minor points to having two great days out in the mountains.

We specifically chose different areas and checkpoints for the two days which was great. It's a shame more weren't tempted up Ben Fhada on the saturday. I suspect that lower down the field and even for Kenny and Keith that they visited very similar areas on both days which is a shame. I'm sure you debated this and was part of the reasoning for the day 2, 1 hour addition. Perhaps a day 1 start further away might have also helped - I think perhaps this should take higher priority compared to providing a marking up area under cover. Having CP locations saturday night was different. I think I preferred this to say at 5am on the Sunday. It is then up to competitiors to decide how long to spend looking at maps and how much they want to sleep! However I think you could consider the AR type idea of giving dummy controls i.e. CPs with 0 points for the sunday to throw those with pre-prepared routes. Must warn people that this will happen though to save them visiting before realising.

All in all I think the score was very successful and I hope it continues - it should of course help with land permissions if you continue to attract more entries.

All credit to you and your dedicated team.

Russ Ladkin

I just would like to send a big thank you to you and your LAMM-marshalls.

Me and my teamate Jonas (and of course Tomas and Peter our competitors and colleagues) had a great weekend up in the mountains. The competitioncentre was great, the course (we ran the A-course) was challenging and fun, the map were big but exact (at least we didn’t have any big errors), the nightcamp was tremendous (OK some more toilets perhaps but who gives a shit J ) and last but not least the weather… WOW!

We’ll be back!

Pär Hedlund
Team Rockrunners

Thank you very much for the LAMM, we had a brilliant time doing the D course. We did the Novice last year so this year's D was a perfect small step up for us.

I was amazed at how well organised it was, and how smoothly it all seemed to go - keep up the good work.

See you next year
Jane Owen-Pam

I just want to thank you and the rest of the marshals for making me so welcome at the LAMM last weekend. It was kind of you to allow me to join the team and I hope I was able to be of some use, despite my lack of previous knowledge!

It made for an interesting weekend and I was mightily impressed by the amount of organisation involved in keeping the whole event running smoothly. The fact that you and all the other marshals remained so calm and good humoured throughout the two days is a real testament to your character and ability! They are a really nice bunch of people.

I know that Oliver is keen to have another go next year (if the dates don't clash with his 3rd year university exams) and is planning to give his running partner some more fell-running experience around the Arrochar Alps near to home this summer, to get Jake's ankle back up to strength!

Thank you so much for letting me tag along, and good luck for your future LAMM events.

Kind regards

Peter Gourd


thought you might like to pass on thanks to all concerned from Norma and myself for another great event. We did the B class this year and really enjoyed the spectacular scenery (especially on day 2) with a broad ridge traverse and views over to Skye! Well organised as ever and great weather despite your scary e-mail!

Thanks, Stephanie Pruzina
Just wanted to say thanks for another excellent event - efforts of all concerned are much appreciated. Really enjoyed the score class. It seemed to work well - in fact, I wouldn't suggest any changes. It would be great if this could become a regular feature.

Andy Smith


Thank you for a wonderful event in Kintail this year, our second LAMM. The combination of spectacular hills, consummate organisation and personal, friendly ethos was again impressive.

As well as our thanks for your own input and for that of the planner and controller (who must have had quads of steel by the time they'd got this year's steepness in hand), my partner Nicola and I would like to pass on our gratitude to your team of marshalls and volunteers. Some of them seemed to have been awake practically around the clock, and yet continued to be polite, smiley and professional.

We made a 'half step' up from D to the shorter C course this year. Our legs are firmly telling us to stay put, but the LAMM courses create an appetite to see more and go further in the future. Time to get training.

By the way, I assume you must have laid on some sort of free booze-up for the local midges this year, because they weren't partying on our patch. If you could do the same thing again, that would be great. And find the time for a dram for yourself; it would be well earned.

Mark Ackroyd and Nicola Marshall (C class: surviving not competing)


We had a fabulous time at this years 2009 LAMM this being our first Mountain Marathon, the organisation of the event was second to none to have the confidence that everything was in order allowed us to just think about what we had in front of us, the ascents and descents wet boggy ground and a full sense of achievement at the finishing.

Thank you for a great event and congratulations on your successful organised team.

Best regards

Garry Dickinson
Hi Martin

Comments on the score. I have done D twice and novice twice: I moved down to novice cos d was too hard. hence doing score this time - it's as hard as you make it. I thought it was a great success - I could argue the toss about what value to give controls, but that's not really what you want. Before the event, my main worry was the marking up arrangements but they were fine in the end, and this idea of marking up the map outside race time and only getting the values inside race time and having to make route choice in race time was a very good one. I was worried we'd have to mark up in the rain inside race time - that would be a nightmare, cos the pens wouldn't mark the laminated maps. so keep the marking up outside race time, and in the dry. having the marking up inside the tents at overnight was a real bonus because we then spend all evening feverishly planning routes only to tear up all our plans and make new ones on the hoof in the morning! I like to have a few easy low-scoring controls near the finish so i can mop them up if i'm going well or drop them if not - that was the case this year. If it's like this next year then it'll be once again a perfect event.

Apart from the score course, a few general comments. You should tell us on the website if there will be portaloos at overnight camp cos i have friends who won't do the lamm cos of the slit trench. Saying there will be portaloos at overnight camp will increase your entries i think. I particularly liked the way the bagpiper played longer than usual and i think if you could persuade the piper to every year play longer in the
mornings it would add to the atmosphere. Also, if you could tell us nice and early whether we fly to Glasgow or Inverness that'd be good cos then we can book flights nice and early.

A great weekend - the score course was a triumph.

Best regards, Martin Brice

Thank you for such a great event. I had the time of my life. It was my first LAMM and I plan on attending more. Great location, great routes, super weather but really the organization and people running the event made it more than a first class event.

Thank you again.

Denise Martin

Another marvellous event. Thanks to those who put in all the time and effort. Definitely appreciated. Now if I can get my legs together I might try running again in a year or two.

Rob Coles

Thank you very much to all the team - we thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. Super

Steve Hinshelwood and Andrew Stimson Course C
Dear Martin,

Many thanks to you and your team for putting together such a superb weekend of serious mountain running - thoroughly enjoyable, especially in retrospect now that the muscles/lungs aren't burning so! It was my first LAMM and I thought the organisation was absolutely spot on; however the behaviour of many of the competitors (all in B category I think) left a bit of a sour taste, which is why I'm bothering you now.

On Day 2 in the `B` class the best line from 1 to 2 followed the ridge before the steep drop to Bealach Mhic Bheathain. The best line from 2 to 3 was clearly to return down the ridge before heading due south. As a consequence, when we passed the lochan low down on the ridge a couple of pairs of rucksacs had been abandoned. Thinking it against the rules/ethos, we continued upwards with our packs, tempting though it was to run around 2.5k without the extra weight. On our return virtually everyone we saw had taken the easy option and were running minus packs (including all safety kit). Passing the lochan again it was a dumping ground for packs. Maybe I'm being naive but I thought the intention was that everyone carried all their kit all of the time and that that is clear in the rules. Flicking through the prize-giving photos I recognised one distinctive female pairing who had taken the easy option; another pack-free competitor I spoke to said it was the course-planners fault for putting the temptation there!

I just wanted to let you know what happened on the course, partly to get it off my chest, but mainly so that the rules/ethics can be stressed at future events to avoid a repeat of this blatant form of cheating.

I hope everything has gone reasonably smoothly from the organisational point-of-view for you.

Best wishes

John Hooson


Thanks for everybody’s hard work this weekend.

I enjoyed the score course. I liked Angela’s strategy of giving people enough rope to tie themselves in complete knots on day 1, followed by a day with some easy low-value controls to give people an easy route home if the needed it. Unfortunately we made a daft route choice decision on day 1, losing 40 minutes compared to reasonable teams on same leg on the B course! We made what would have been a good but unique choice, right through the middle of the area to the cluster around Stob Coire na Cloiche, but our error gave us a bad result after getting back 30 minutes late.

On Sunday morning I lost my thumb compass (Silva Nor Spectra). I thought I might have left it in the start pen when marking the scores onto my map, but when I asked in the marquee they didn’t know if anyone had found it. Can you let me know if anyone has found it, please?

Peter Gorvett
OMM 2008 score course planner


I just wanted to thank you for yet another superb LAMM, the organisation, atmosphere and even the weather were spot on! Having come 6th last year in the C class we moved up to B this year, we certainly found it quite a bit more challenging and also felt that the general standard of competition was a lot higher (In 'B' everyone seems to run where they can!). Although we were initially disappointed at not being in the chasing start despite being 18th on Saturday night, in retrospect we actually enjoyed it more being able to leave earlier and not be surrounded by all the other chasers.

Just one minor point which I appreciate you had difficulties with this year, my wife (at home) was a bit disappointed that the web updates weren't as frequent or as informative as in previous years. Personally as well, could you not reveal the LAMM location on your website 1st thing on Thursday so that people could check it before leaving from home/work?

Looking forward to next year already despite the aching legs!
Richard Coombs (B Class 12th)

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