Overnight Leaders Reports

Elite Course - Steve Birkinshaw & Neil Talbott

A memorable way to celebrate my 50th birthday. It was a great day out through amazing scenery. It was really hot over the first two thirds with very little wind so I struggled really badly over the second half as I got dehydrated. Neil was super strong and accurate with the nav and chose so great lines. I just about managed to keep moving OK but was knackered at the finish. We were delighted with a lead of just over an hour. Hopefully we will recover overnight and have a good day tomorrow.


Two runners named Rawlik and Paris
Took part in a LAMM held on Harris
But with baby to meet
They did 'Score', not 'Elite'
Else we might have been very embarrassed

PS Harris is incredible++


A Course - Iain Embrey & Andrew Reeve

Last night's flapjack-making fiasco (the second batch was salvagable) has thankfully been overcome; Keep drinking, keep eating and keep moving (in the right direction) was the story of today! The hastily formed duo of 'super sub' faced some minor dehydration problems in the heat of the midday sun but still managed to find plenty of water in the hebridean desert. we were disappointed to find a boat at the loch crossing - a cooling swim would have been highly desirable! We have since been recovering with some of ainsley harriot's finest cous cous and hope for more fine weather tomorrow! compliments to the organisers for a fantastic route through the magnificent terrain of north harris!

B Course - Joe Farnell & Hazel Farnell

Pretty hot day out there, made it very tough work. We set off without the intention of "racing", just to have a god day out in the hills, but our competitiveness soon got the better of us. There were some interesting route choices to be made, we mainly went for less climb, even if it meant quite a bit longer distance. At the amazing campsite we heard people's stories of seeing eagles, but we had our sweaty heads down most of the way, spotting just a few deer.

Given we're feeling very tired at the end of day 1, it feels unlikely we'll keep the lead, but see what tomorrow brings!

C Course - Sam Gomersall & Jack Gomersall

Well, it was hot and hard work. The scenery is spectacular and we got to see lots of Harris we have never seen before; Including a Golden Eagle taking to flight about 50m away. Now at mid camp on a beautiful sandy beach with warm evening sun. A swim in the sea was the order of the day when we arrived, followed by a leisurely afternoon; and no midges (yet). The terrain was very rough, lots of climb and a very hard day. Navigation was fine and we felt fine with our route choices. Hope tomorrow goes as well!

D Course - Adam Forrest & Jack Forrest

This was my first LAMM and second mountain marathon, I ran in a pair with my dad across this stunning landscape on Harris and we had a great run (albeit very tough). This was the shortest course but the longest I have run and by the end I was just hanging on - very pleased to arrive at such a great mid-camp for a swim in the sea!

Score Course - Konrad Rawlik & Jasmin Paris

We only transferred to Score yesterday (the time limit seemed more sensible than Elite given that our 6-month old daughter Rowan would be waiting with my (Jasmin's) mum at mid-camp). Deciding against the boat ride, we went with the more mountainous option, including what we've been told is Harris' highest point. The day was hot and humid, but the views were stunning, especially the view of mid-camp (white beach, blue sea, green grass) as we started our final descent. The results are tight at the top overnight, all to play for tomorrow. Best get a good night's sleep then, although having said that, we're camping with a baby and a dog...

Route planning above Loch Duich

The clouds over mid camp

Racing together - the spirit of the event

Lowe Alpine Mourne Mountain Marathon