There will be two special coaches from Glasgow on Friday 12th June, both of which will depart from the main Buchanan Bus Station and then call at the Airport en route to the Event Centre. The journey time to the airport is about 20 minutes and a further 2¼ hours from the airport to the event centre. Please pay £5 to our coach manager during the journey and have the correct money ready.

From the Bus Station: NatExpress London arriving 18:10, NatExpress London 18:30, NatExpress Carlisle 18:40, Train from Chester 19:35

From the airport: BA1912 Birm. arriving 18:15, BA1492 Hthrow 18:30, BA4028 Bristol 18:50, BA1494 Hthrow 19:30.



Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station – Coaches Depart at 17.00 and 20.00

This is situated in Killermont Street near to Glasgow Queen Street Railway Station and is less than 15 minutes walk from Glasgow Central Railway Station. Please note that the coach will not be calling at a railway station. The coach will be standing at Tour Stand nr 24, sited at the far end of the bus station opposite the main building. You should be able to locate our marshal who will be wearing a bright yellow LAMM bib, a few minutes before the departure time. Also we expect the coach to be marked with LAMM or Lowe Alpine MM.

Glasgow Airport – Coaches Depart at 17.30 and 20.20

Our meeting point will be close to one of the Airport Information Desks. Look for the desk situated on the Ground Floor near to Domestic Flight Baggage Reclaim. If you arrive on an International flight, you will need to proceed to this area after you have reclaimed your bags. Our marshal will be wearing a bright yellow LAMM bib and will almost certainly arrive with the coach from Buchanan Bus Station – so don’t be concerned if the marshal does not appear until a few minutes before the coach departure time (or later if the coach is delayed).

What To Do if You Miss the Second Coach

This is not a disaster as long as you REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR DRIVER’S LICENCE AND A CREDIT CARD! There are 5 car hire firms situated at the airport, within a short walk of the terminal building. The companies are Alamo 0141 8481166, Avis 0141 8872261, Europcar 0141 8870414, Hertz 0141 887 2451, National 0141 8877915 and they ALL close at 22.30. Weekend rates are very reasonable and we have made an arrangement with Europcar. They are now fully aware of our event and have reserved three 1.8L Vectras at an all inclusive price of £65 per car from Friday evening -> Sunday evening. These cars are for your use in an emergency should you miss the second coach. The Reservation Numbers are 29672272, 29672293 and 22672294 respectively. Please mention the Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon and look out for others at their office in the same predicament so that you can share a car between two teams. If you know in advance that you will need to hire a car, please make your own booking with Europcar and don’t dip into our three reservations, which are for use on the day only. If you are stuck in the centre of Glasgow we suggest that you catch a bus from Buchanan Bus Station to the airport. They run approximately every 30 minutes and take 25 minutes.


SUNDAY 14TH JUNE – Coach/es Depart at 15:15

At present we have about 65 people booked to return to Glasgow – not really enough to justify two coaches. If 5 or more pairs could persuade friends they will meet at the event to give them a lift back to Glasgow Airport (which is hardly a detour) we will only provide one coach for the return journey. Coach/es will call at Glasgow Airport, Glasgow Central Railway Station and finally at Buchanan Bus Station. Please pay £5 to our coach manager during the journey and have the correct money ready.