BLACK MOUNT 12th/13th June 1999


Inveroran Hotel will be providing refreshments from the "Bothy Bar" opened for the occasion. This will sell Tennents Lager, 70-\ Special, Blackthorn Cider, Red Bull and various other soft drinks. It will be open from 4pm until Midnight on Friday and also on Saturday and Sunday lunch time.

There will be a short meal menu available from 5pm to 10pm on Friday, and Fish and Chips from 6pm to 9pm on Saturday. There will be soup and filled rolls available on Sunday from 12 to 3.30pm.

Postcards, sweets and crisps, as well as the all important midgie protection will be on sale during the day near the "Bothy Bar"

Wilf’s will be serving their usual delicious fayre in the large marquee, including a number of breakfast options.

Water Supply is intended for drinking and must not be contaminated. Please do not wash anything in the water tank and only dip clean pans and water bottles into the tank. Wash bodies and pots in the river.

Toilets The usual rudimentary toilets will be available in the field and these must be used for all solid deposits! There is ONLY ONE loo in the public parts of the Inveroran Hotel and we are pleading with you to only use it if you are eating or drinking at the hotel.

Registration will be closed between 22:00 and 22:45 for the marshals briefing. At registration you will be given an Electronic Control card (see Electronic Punching Info sheet) with a 5 digit number marked on it. The last 3 digits are your team number which you need to memorise. These cards cost £14 and we must levy a £14 charge to any team that does not hand it's card in at the finish on Sunday. You will also receive 2 small polybags for the Control Descriptions which are not waterproof. Another desk will provide you with a card showing your Assembly Time on Saturday morning.

Saturday Morning Assembly: Please assemble by the gate to the Event Centre field exactly 10 minutes before the time on your card - no earlier, no later. Make sure you've been to the loo! You will start running as much as 90 minutes later than the Assembly Time!

Maps will be handed out (2 per team) a few minutes before you start. Maps are not waterproof so please ensure that you take a suitable map bag with you and in the event of bad weather we suggest that you save one map for use on the second day.

Checkpoint Descriptions The six figure grid references you will be given, represent the bottom left corner of a 100m square. The exact location could be anywhere within the 100m square and the description should enable you to locate the checkpoint precisely. Due to the steepness of the ground, some checkpoints will be described as being, for example, 'on the 540m map contour'. This is to enable you to locate the precise point on the map and it may not always accurately reflect the height you are seeing on your wrist altimeter (should you be lucky enough to have one)!

Prizegiving This will take place earlier than 14:00 if enough teams have completed the event.

Camping Available on Sunday Night: You are very welcome to camp at the Event Centre on Sunday night. The Inveroran Hotel will welcome your custom.