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Just after Saturday's checkpoint 1 on the D course Day 1 C course.  Andy and another team running off 'Sgurr nan Coireachan' Day 1 C course.  Andy and another team running off 'Sgurr nan Coireachan' . . . A quick pose before the hobble to the finish B Day 2 - Following the dots on high Control number 5, Day 2, D course Chris(age 48) & Patrick Low (age 16) at their first LAMM, mid camp Running down from check point 3, D course Day 1 Steve Addy and Paul Manson, B course, sprint for the finish line A post-race photo for the Gallery showing that the E class competitors do hurt too! Cooling the feet after checkpoint 5 C course Day 1 Course C.En Route to Control 3 Day 2 Course C. Control 1 (130) (Doubling Up) Pean or Ganges . . . . . On the D course on day one between checkpoints 1 and 2 on the river (Fionn Lighe - approx grid ref is 005847) Base campsite The climb to control 3 At the fourth last check on D class A mid camp comparison of stories A view of the terrain between points 2 & 3 on the C course Michael rehydrating between points 3 & 4 on the C course Paul at mid-camp Sue enjoying the view Elvis has left the checkpoint The wanderer returns Tent City Adrian Chojnowski & Debbie Larson Alien marshall . Gulvain Nearing 7 Lone Piper and Sleeping LAMM'ers -  Day1 MR team members evade midgies at breakfast and get a better viaduct view A photo of Barry on the C course on day 1, taken at x200 magnification under polarized transmitted light with a Leica microscope.  Barry is no longer with us due to me killing the little blighter. Mid-camp Mid-camp A relaxing weekend away from the kids Amanda en-route to no. 4 on C course, Day 1 6am Saturday Morning Glen Finnan Monument Punching control 1 on the 'C' course looking north east to Streap Above control 3 on the 'C' course on the spur below Sgurr an Ursainn looking north east to control 4 on Cnoc Gorm D course, near checkpoint 1, day1 D course, descending from cp 4, day 2 Chasing the competition on day 1 - B-course Nic ascending - day 1 on B-course Nic descending - day 1 on B-course Day 2 control 3 on Day 1 Elite control 7, looking to Sgurr na Ciche and Ben Aden Strathan, Glen Dessary and Gulvain from the Corbett above Upper Glen Dessary Mid Camp Laundry Quick lunch stop. (Day 1, C course, control 3) Munro bagging, Sgurr Thuilm Another 'below knee' beauty treatment, courtesy of Scotlands bogs A gentle slope on the novice course between checkpoints 5 and 6 The first munro The target C class start 0800 Loch Shiel (& the end) in sight River Crossing by Oban Bothy - deep Sat Night bathing River Crossing by Oban Bothy - wet feet Fishyfoot Between check points 4 and 5 on day two of the D course After the first check point on day 1, D course Mark 1 on the D course day 1 C Course come over the top after checkpoint 1, day 1 If only midges could mark up maps. C Course start, day 1 The meandering line of tents Stonkin Route The end's in sight Relaxing with Wilf Low water on B Day 1 Loch Morar and the long leg - B class day 1 Oban Bothy - B class day 1 Heather Elston Tabbing to check pt 4 (D course Sunday) A welcome sight! B route day 1 Above mid camp Out on the course Out on the course

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Route planning above Loch Duich

The clouds over mid camp

Racing together - the spirit of the event

Lowe Alpine Mourne Mountain Marathon