Please Print this and send it to us. Photocopy this entry form for your friends if required


Friday Night Accommodation - Booking Form


Return this form to us by 5th June and ONLY if you would prefer not to camp on Friday night and wish us to book local B&B's and superior bunkhouse accommodation with showers and a kitchen, all within 4 miles of the Event Centre.


If you have access to, please keep an eye on the accommodation section in order to avoid trying to make a booking when all the accommodation has already been allocated. If you try to make a booking and all beds have already been allocated, we will refund your booking fee. The location of your accommodation will be described on the web site from 18.00hrs on Thursday 15th June or when you register at the Event Centre on Friday afternoon/evening. There will be one price for B&B, so some will get a slightly better deal than others and beds will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. The more flexible your requirements, the more likely we are to be able to help. Bookings will NOT be acknowledged unless your first choice is not available, but if you have access to, check the accommodation section to confirm your booking.


Those of you who are travelling to the event by coach from Glasgow or Inverness should camp at the Event Centre on Friday night to avoid a long walk!


          Bunkhouse - You provide your own breakfast.

          Please enclose a cheque or Eurocheque payable to LOWE ALPINE MOUNTAIN MARATHON for 17 per person

          B&B and 10 per person superior bunkhouse.

          Return form to: Lowe Alpine MM, Sleagill Head Farm, SLEAGILL, PENRITH, Cumbria CA10 3HD


Where options are provided on the form, please circle your choice/s - no ticks or crosses please

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If first choice not available are you prepared to:

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Twin Room


Share a Double Room

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Share a Family

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Use Bunkhouse


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Any Other Details that will Help us to Provide the best