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Many of you have already contacted us since the event but we would welcome additional comments regarding the format and style of the event. It is really important to me that the event should remain innovative, exciting and provide fresh experiences each year. Ideally, I would like competitors to feel inspired by the event and to look forward to the weekend with anticipation as it approaches. It is our aim to provide a mountain marathon for connoisseurs with the most challenging courses and the finest venues. This can only be achieved by limiting the numbers to a sensible limit of 500 teams. Above that size, we feel that our options would be severely limited as the local infrastructure is put under too much pressure. Inevitably the first concession we would have to make is the quality of the venue.

We would like to place the ball back in your court. If you know an area of the Scottish Highlands that you feel would provide scope for a good event and would cope with up to 500 pairs, please contact us with your proposal. Better still, if you are acquainted with contact/s on the ground such as Landowners, Factors or Stalkers and could provide us with an introduction we would be especially pleased to hear from you. The most helpful suggestion will be rewarded with a free entry to the LAMM in a future year. I would like to thank everyone who suggested locations for LAMM 2001 and especially Wendy Dodds who wins a free entry for mentioning Ardverikie estate to me a few years ago and helping to sew the seeds of an idea.



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Route planning above Loch Duich
The clouds over mid camp
Racing together - the spirit of the event