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2001 Results

Within each class there are a number of sub classes, for veterans, ladies and mixed teams.

On the results print out you will see the following abbreviations to define these:

M = Male, F = Female, V = Veteran, Mix = Mixed

So "B FV" would be female veterans in the B class.

On the split times there are 2 rows of times for each team. The top row is the overall time taken to that control and the fastest time to a particular checkpoint is shown in bold. The lower row is the time taken from the previous checkpoint and a time in bold italics is the quickest time by any team for that leg of the course.

DAY 1 Split times         DAY 2 Splits times

Aggregate including veterans : E                C      D      NOVICE

Veteran's Handicap Prizes
E - Kevin & Quentin Harding
A - Raymond Wilby & Roger Boswell
B - Richard Clarke & Peter Goodwin
C - Geoff Causey & Les Swindin
D - Joe Howard & Brian Dearnaley


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Route planning above Loch Duich
The clouds over mid camp
Racing together - the spirit of the event